Most uses of WW7 services are free with resource limitations in place, which are sufficiently large for personal uses.

If limitations in place are not sufficient for the users in education (students and professors), please contact to WW7 briefly explaining the use case and the desired limitation. The type of the account can be elevated to satisfy the use case for free.

Any file sharing involving copyright infringements or any other illegal activity will result in the termination of the account and removal of files and links.

Commercial uses are possible, and custom API needs can be dynamically developed for a fee. Please contact WW7 for further information.
Encrypted File Upload
Enter a file password. Note that this is NOT your user password. We recommend that it should not be the same as your user password. This password must be provided directly by you to anyone who wishes to download the file. The encryption/decryption happens on the browser side, and WW7 will not have any knowledge of this password; thus, WW7 will not and can not store it. Only the encrypted file will be stored. If you lose this password, the file can not be decrypted in any way and thus will be permanently inaccessible.
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